Ethic License Ver. 0.96 (versione italiana)

The Licensor (the software's copyright owner).

  • He can use hardware-based protection for the software but is not allowed to introduce time-limit protections and time-expiring functionalities.
  • He must provide an always up-to-date user manual to illustrate all application's parts (as equal alternative he may provide training sessions).
  • In case a database is part of the software he must guarantee the capability to access it in a open format: the data must be exportable without the need of any kind of conversion by third-party software.
  • In case the selling or support or development of the software will be discontinued he is obliged to disclose the software's source code under the latest version of GPL license.

The Buyer (the user).

  • He's authorized and limited to the use of the software to the number of per-workstation licenses acquired, he can anyway keep copies of the software as mean of backup (but not installed in a workstation or server).
  • In case of a annual subscription to the support service he's entitled to free upgrades and bug-fixing support for 1 year. If 'bugs' reported before the subscription expiration date are not fixed by the service subscription expiration date, and the subscription has been successfully paid, the buyer is entitled to 6 additional months of free subscription of the support service.
  • If the subscription to the support service is not renovated periodically he loose the entitlement to free-upgrades but he maintain the right to use the software.
  • He's entitled to transfer his licenses to third-parties (new buyer), but in this case the licensor is not obliged to provide user manual or any kind of training to the third-party.
  • He's entitled to request software customizations and alterations, the licensor reserve the right to decide wether apply any full or partial customizations or alterations. (Anyway the spirit of the license is to merge the cost for personalizations into the annual subscription service cost. The rejected personalizations, if agreed, can be billed separately) .
  • He can not use the software for illegal purposes, in such event the license is revoked instantly without notice.
  • Undertakes to verify that the program is fully suitable to use in their work as required by law, the seller is not responsible for any malfunctions that are not formally communicated.

The Application (the software)

  • It can access the Internet to check updates availability or to transfer information supplied during the installation process, but it can not transfer information related to the software's use or any personal or company profiling information.
  • It cannot integrate any kind of advertisement or time-expiring functionality (except links, logos and licensor's contacts). It can not advice installation of third-party softwares unless necessary for integration with specific functionalities of the application itself.
  • It can not alter any system default settings.
  • It must be installable without any sort of condition on physical or virtual machines, this apply in case of use of hardware or software protection mechanisms as well.
  • The software's source code can be sold to a new owner that became the new licensor, but the license cannot be altered in any part unless is fully converted in the latest version GPL.